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Wavertree & London

Wavertree & London Beach luxury soap

$ 10.49

The soap bars are produced in Australia using the same specialized French-milling equipment and premium natural ingredients used by makers of fine French soaps. This process blends the ingredients into a paste before the bar is created and removes any impurities, leaving just pure soap. It also produces a consistent premium quality bar, increases the lathering properties and makes the bar much more durable and long lasting. The bar is free of air pockets and excess moisture which means you don't have to be concerned about our soap getting wet, mushy or dissolving . A premium quality natural soap really does make your skin softer, smoother and less dry!

  • Australian made Long Lasting French-milled (also called triple-milled) 3.5oz soap bar. Doesn't get soft or mushy and lasts an amazingly long time
  • Non-drying extra creamy moisturizing lather
  • 100% plant oils - sustainable palm oil, palm kernel oil, organic shea butter and vegetable glycerin. PH Balanced
  • Ideal for sensitive skin - no animal products, detergents or harsh chemicals
  • Australian Natural soaps are an affordable luxury. You can't buy a better soap no matter what price you pay. Bar is unwrapped

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