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Lucky Feather

Lucky Feather Enchantments "Worries Float Away" Dandelion Stamped Coin Necklace

$ 17.94 $ 29.99

A necklace to enchant, empower, and embody the magic of life. See Lucky Feather for more beautiful inspirational designs. ABOUT LUCKY FEATHER "Walking down the garden path, A feather floated down, Upon inspection, And reflection, A wish was made then granted....Tis a dream of treasure, To pluck a lucky feather" - this is the poem that inspired Lucky Feather, the unusual collaboration between Carlton Calvin, founder of Razor U.S.A. (the makers of Razor Scooters, believe it or not) and Jill Schiff, founder of Planetjill fine photo jewelry.

  • A tiny treasure from Lucky Feather's "Enchantment" Series
  • 16 -18" chain with extender. Silver Plated
  • Dandelion stampd disc charm is about 1/2" diameter Beautiful brushed satin finish
  • Comes in gift envelope with inspirational saying: "Let Your Worries Float Away"

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