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Isa's Naturals

Isa's Dead Sea Mud Soap & Exfoliating Mud Soap Bundle

$ 13.75

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Gentle cleaning and moisturizing for face and body with our mud soap and mud soap exfoliating combo pack

These innovative cleansing bars combines the purifying properties of Dead Sea Mud with a unique blend of ethnobotanical extracts. Cactus Leaf Extract conditions, Date Palm Extract soothes and Sea Buckthorn Oil provides the skin with an anti-oxidant boost. All three these ethnobotanicals are known for their anti-irritant properties, creating a complex that is powerful but gentle.

In Search of Balance

As we age, Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) - the skin's own build-in moisturizer, is depleted. This lessens the skin's ability to retain moisture. A balanced blend of plant extracts, and mineral-based compounds - a complex similar in composition to NMF - will replenish and revitalize the skin, restoring its natural suppleness and moisture levels. Dead Sea minerals are a natural component in this blend because of their remarkable similarity to the mineral composition of NMF. So are ethnobotanicals such as Date Palm Extract and Sea Buckthorn Oil, that parallel the oil component in NMF. The result is balance: a synergenic mix of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals uniquely suited to replenish the skin's losses.

The amazing benefits of ethnobotanical ingredients, rejuvenating marine extracts and dead see mineral-based compounds together offer you effective skin-enhancing products. Isa's exclusive balanced blends form a powerful mix of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that ensures optimum affinity with your skin. The result is healed damage skin and restoring the skin's natural radiance.


Each bar of Isa's soap measures in over 9 ounces per bar - more than twice the size of traditional soap. Our two pack is has more soap than 4 standard bars of soap....COMBINED!!!

  • Our Natural Soap Bar Has Purifying Properties of Dead Sea Mud & Ethnobotanical Extracts
  • Our Natural Soap Contains Nurioushing Cactus Leaf Extract Which Conditions Your Skin
  • Our Natural Body Soap / Natural Facial Soap Contains Date Palm Extract Which Soothes Your Skin
  • Our All Natural Soap Contains Sea Buckthorn Oil Which Provides Your Skin With an Anti-Oxidant Boost
  • Our Natural Body Soap Has Ethnobotanical Properties Combined Are Known For Their Anti-Irritant Properties That Create a Complex That is Powerful Yet Gentle

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